Deluxe Slim 8inch Wheelchair - SC8

Deluxe Slim 8inch Wheelchair - SC8

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Charged Chairs provides lightweight and fold-able electric wheelchairs. Beautifully designed mobility aids, well crafted durable frame built for comfort and with a weigh limit of 280 pounds, suitable many needs. 
This is the slim model that is slightly narrower than our usual model which is designed for use with in the home, pavements and anywhere else where an electric wheelchair can be used. 
It has 8" Rear Wheels and 6" Front Wheels, all of our electric wheelchairs and extreme quick and easy to fold. The versatile back support also reclines with 5 positions, for the most comfort from your chair. 

In your Deluxe package you will receive everything you need to use your CC8 - included with the package is a 10 Ah Battery, you can upgrade to a 15 Ah battery for longer range. You will also receive a battery charger and instructions. 

Please bare in mind that currently the 15 Ah Battery is not suitable for air travel. 

6" Front Wheels
8" Rear Wheels
15.5" Wide Seat
17" Between Arm Rests
23.5" At Widest Point